Project Management


Client objectives, hopes and aspirations

Upon appointment we meet with our clients to review the work to date and determine their vision for the project. From this we can then tailor our approach, providing a bespoke service that meets the needs and expectations of our clients.


Strategic planning and masterplan

We understand that programme management is the principal cause of increased costs on any project. To mitigate this we work to produce a masterplan that meets the client’s needs and seeks to mitigate any delays before they occur.


Task assessment and identification

In order to feed into the masterplan, we work with our clients to identify the key tasks required for the success of a project and assess how they can best be completed.



Once we have established the client objectives, developed an overall masterplan and identified all tasks; we agree with the client the most effective way to implement and deliver the project. This takes into consideration the needs to reduce risk, manage quality and control time and costs. Our experience allows us to propose suitable processes and control the delivery of the project.


Funding review and feasibilty studies

We are experienced in identifying suitable funding opportunities and potential applications. Our projects include NLHF, ACE, GGF and private funding sources and often multiple funding streams. We are generally involved early in project development and carry out feasibility studies and options appraisals either as pre-funding reviews or as part of funding applications.


Funding applications including NLHF/ACE

As NLHF monitors and ACE construction advisors we have a keen understanding of the entire NLHF/ACE application process. By combining this experience with our bespoke approach to project delivery we have currently a 100% success rate across over 35 NLHF and ACE submissions.


Management and delivery

We allocate dedicated project managers to work on the projects to ensure that we manage and deliver the project identified within the implementation stage. Our managers then remain involved in the project from inception to completion.


Client liaison and involvement

We believe that a tailored approach is best when it comes to client involvement. We seek to involve the client as much as possible throughout the project to help ensure that the end result meets the client’s aspirations, however we also understand that some clients would prefer to be more ‘hands off’ and we are happy to support that.


Quality control and assessment

Cragg Management understand that not only must a project be on budget and on time, but also meet the level of quality required and expected. To help ensure this is delivered we employ on all of our projects a project manager with extensive experience to help check that the quality of the work delivered is acceptable.


Cost and risk management / control

We establish at the beginning of the project a risk register, identifying the key risks to the project and seeks to remove or mitigate these risks. However we understand that this register needs to be a living document, regularly re-assessed to monitor any risks to cost or programme as the project progresses.



It is essential that every project is capable of being evaluated to ensure that it delivers on the client’s objectives, hopes and aspirations. With regard to public funding, evaluation is a requirement of the funders. We agree with the client a baseline against which the project is to be evaluated. We then implement procedures to collect data and review the project delivery throughout the period of the project.


Client handover and approval

We ensure that the client is actively involved and engaged in the handover process. We include the client in the approval of the project design and delivery to the satisfaction of their aims. Training and operational processes are implemented to ensure that the client is able to fully utilise the project on completion.