Interpretation & Exhibition Design

Client objectives

Upon appointment we meet with our clients to review the work to date and determine their vision for the project. From this we can then tailor our approach, providing a bespoke service that meets the needs and expectations of our clients.

Themes and storyline evaluation

Once we have an understanding of our client’s vision, we would then week to work with them to establish the themes and storylines available. Cragg Management would then work to evaluate which of these would be most effective at drawing people into a space and forming a cohesive narrative.

Collection review / plan

Following the establishment of the themes and storyline, we would then seek to review any existing collections. This allows us to gain an understanding of what media are available and the best way that the narrative can be demonstrated using the existing collection. Further to this, by understanding the collection, we can ensure that any display proposals take into account the need to preserve and protect the items on display.

Display / delivery option review

Once we have reviewed the collection and themes, the next stage is to decide on the best way to present this. Cragg Management have a wealth of experience in all forms of display, both traditional and digital / multimedia and we would explore all of these options at this stage to provide a display that best delivers the storyline in an engaging manner.

Exhibition display layouts

We understand that not only do the individual displays need to impress, but also the entire space needs to form a cohesive journey. To produce this we appraise the space available and work with our clients to create a layout that draws people in and engages them, resulting in a linked, ‘living’ space rather than a stagnant arrangement of disparate displays.

Procurement and options

As experienced project managers and cost controllers, Cragg Management can assist and advise on all forms of procurement best suited to meet the individual and specific needs of the project.

Contractor selection

Dependent upon funder requirements we select and identify suitable contractors for tender and appointment. We are fully conversant with the need to comply with public procurement procedures, whether this is government / local authority portals or EU procurement regulations (OJEU). We generally issue detailed PQQs and evaluate based on specific criteria. The selection of the correct contractor is paramount to a successful project delivery.

Delivery and handover

We ensure that the client is actively involved and engaged in the handover process. We include the client in the approval of the project design and delivery to the satisfaction of their aims. Training and operational processes are implemented to ensure that the client is able to fully utilise the project on completion.